Assistant Logistique
6 December 1992

A propos du candidat ...

I am Chick Henry, i am a highly motivated and committed individual with quality results both academically and professionally. I have a very rich educational background and a handfull of relevant experience.

I believe i am different from most candidates due to the fact that i easily adapt to situations and accept challenges, this can be seen on my CV. I am very bilingual which is an advantage not everyone is fortunate to have, i am multi task which can be proven through my educational pattern and career pattern. I am also someone who learns and adapt to environment and situations easily which others may find difficult.

I have many memorable moments for the sake of precision and efficiency i will just give a few for now. Working at Union Maritime Agency Limited, situated at Bonanjo Douala, i carried out an excellent period of internship and i was given great responsibilities due to my professional brilliance, such responsilities which can not easily be given to an intern. I was given the responsibility to establish daily reports on work done on board the vessels and statement of facts which are very important documents relating to maritime transport. Also, at Global Shipping and Logistics SARL situated at Bali Douala, i have the responsibility of all on field activities which is due to my academic and professional brilliance.

I am a very friendly person but also serious when needed. I am a lover sports, reading and travelling in order to relax the brain and think how to innovate and learn because learning never ends.



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